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Attorney Myron Kamihara is licensed to practice law in the State of Hawaii and is a current member of the Federal District Court of Hawaii and the Hawaii State Bar Association. After graduating from St. Louis High School, he attended the University of Hawaii and received his Juris Doctor from the Thomas Cooley Law School in Michigan. Myron is known for his strong work ethic, exceptional people skills, and compassionate, personalized service in the areas of estate planning, family law, and Probate. Before opening his private practice, he served as Legislative Attorney for the Hawaii House of Representatives Consumer Protection & Commerce Committee.



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ESTATE PLANNING:Attorney Myron Kamihara made the decision to pursue estate planning law, family law, and probate after he and his wife were blessed with two beautiful daughters and he took a hard look at what stability and security would mean for them should anything happen. He started his estate planning practice to help young parents who are ready to invest in this critical step of creating a plan for after they’re gone—and to make the process as simple and stress-free as possible. 

Planning with a will, trust, power of attorney and an advanced healthcare directive can save your children and family members time, money, and heartache and help you avoid the confusing process of probate. Myron and his team can get you up to speed on the benefits of crafting a personalized estate plan, and connect you with a will and/or trust options that will serve your family best.

“We’re focused on using estate planning to look out for our generation of parents. A good portion of what we do involves educating families on how to protect their most valuable assets—their children. We consider our clients ohana, and we plan on serving you from the time we sign your estate planning documents to when your children come to us to protect their families.” – Attorney Myron Kamihara

FAMILY LAW: Myron also practices in the area of Family Law where he has accumulated years of experience in Divorce (contested or uncontested); Paternity; Child Custody and Support; Adoptions; and Protection Order/TRO cases. Myron is passionate about helping his clients and creates a personalized plan for each client that would best serve their interest and address their concerns. Myron's experience has led him to advocate on behalf of his clients in the Family Court and at the Child Support Enforcement Agency on the islands of Oahu; Kauai; Maui; and Hawaii.  

PROBATE: Myron advises his clients to create an Estate Plan to avoid probate. However, some people are hit with an unexpected death of a loved one who did not have an Estate Plan. Myron has years of experience in representing clients in Informal and Formal Probate. In addition, Myron is experienced in representing clients seeking a guardianship and/or conservatorship over a loved one that may not be able to take care of themselves due to age or illness. Myron has a passion for helping people. Like family law, he constructs a customized plan for each client to get the best results. 


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