Kamihara Law also handles all types of contracts with experienced contract negotiation, drafting, review and editing services. Contract law is one of the most complex areas of legal practice, as the legally binding nature of these agreements often causes conflict when one party fails to live up to their contractual obligations. We’ll review and revise your contract language to guarantee fairness and ensure you fully understand your rights and responsibilities.
The advanced healthcare directive document is an important part of your estate plan that communicates your wishes to doctors and family regarding end-of-life measures. Your doctor can help explain the different types of medical situations and the benefits and risks of the various options available to you.
Kamihara Law can handle the large task of trust administration, a process where assets, creditors, debt and beneficiary distributions are managed. Without legal guidance, trust administration can be a disruptive, time-consuming and confusing endeavor.




No matter your age or the size of your estate, taking steps to get your affairs in order now can make a world of difference should the unthinkable occur by protecting your loved ones, your home, and the care of your children. From designing an estate plan to administration of that plan, Kamihara Law can handle every last detail and ensure the estate planning process goes smoothly. We offer personalized guidance in all areas of estate planning, including:




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A trust is a private contract between a Grantor, a Trustee and a Beneficiary. A Grantor is the person or couple who establishes a trust. We refer to the trust as a “living trust” because the Grantor can be the Trustee and Beneficiary until incapacitation or death. This means that the Grantor can retain control of his or her assets and receive the benefits of those assets. Most of our clients establish a trust if they own real estate or have more than $100,000 in assets. Another benefit of establishing a revocable living trust is that the trust is completely amendable—meaning you can make changes to the trust at any time. The biggest benefit in creating a trust is to give our clients peace of mind that your family will not be subject to probate. Kamihara Law offers a Revocable Living Trust Package that includes a trust, a short-form trust, an advanced healthcare directive, a medical and general power of attorney, and a pour-over will (a will that specifies that all assets not titled in the name of the trust are to be transferred to the trust).
Growing up in Hawaii, Attorney Myron Kamihara learned the importance of building relationships to serve local communities in the optimal way. Over the years, he’s built up a large referral network that includes some of the most experienced and skilled attorneys in the state. If you need assistance with any other legal matters outside of our scope, we are happy to provide key referrals that will meet your needs.
The power of attorney is a document that appoints a person of your choosing to manage your affairs should you become mentally or physically limited. As a versatile title, your power of attorney outlines the scope of rights to be transferred, including making decisions regarding your medical care and your finances. Types of power of attorney include durable, limited, and springing.
Our clients who do not own real estate or have less than $100,00 in assets choose our Will Package. A will specifies how your assets are to be distributed after death, and serves to record your burial wishes. More importantly, a will specifies a guardian for minor children in the unlikely event of the unexpected death of you and your spouse. Kamihara Law offers a Will Package that includes your written will, an advanced healthcare directive, and a medical and general power of attorney.


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